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If you thought you knew what Music from Madagascar is, then you were probably wrong. Let us proove that Malagasy music is more diverse than people might think.

A L Z O is one of a kind artists that mixes his American inspirations to his Malagasy Roots. You will witness a perfect match between Occidental indie-folk-pop sonorities and Malagasy words and mysteries. You will discover Africa Differently. His music transcends, makes you travel but still gives you that feeling of being home.  You never know what’s coming next.

A L Z O conveys universal messages through simplicity. No matter your age, your gender, your nationality is, no matter if you understand Malagasy language, French or English you still might be touched by his humility and his willingness to share stories. One word to describe his work: STORYTELLING.

The originality of the artist stays his ability to create original, sometimes ethnic music and still let it open to mainstream fans.

What is beautiful about the band is the story behind, 4 boys from 24 to 38 years old bringing their feelings together to share stories that may touch 2 different generations.


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